My Youtube Video

Posted on: July 27, 2013

CATASTROPHE! I was using this online video editing software to make my youtube video and it turns I worked about five hours trying to get it perfect or as perfect as it can be since I’m new at this and guess what happened.

My stupid editing website won’t let me upload it. First it needed me to say I give it permission to publish it to youtube so I gave it permission. Turns out gave the permission too late. So then I thought hmm ill go back and edit it or pretend to so I can publish the new video. And you know what happened it said i have to delete my video to create a new video because I only have a 15 minute time capacity. So needless to say I broke down because after all my hard work in filming and editing I wasn’t going to be able to publish my video.

Luckily my dad is a computer engineer so he is trying fix that problem if not I will have to edit all over again using another program. So though I was ready to post today expect that it is coming out later. I’m sorry if I disappointed anyone but there wasn’t anything I could do. If anyone knows a good editing online website please comment it will be much appreciated.

Btw I used wevideo

Until next time! Love ya.


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