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Okay so this recipe I am going to give credit to Cassey Ho from Blogilates.
It is a delicious banana muffin recipe but it can easily be poured into another container to make banana bead. I had this with some coffee for dinner and I’ll tell you it BLEW MY MIND!

I actually calculated and I realize I should probably do this for all my recipes but the amount of calories it had which I will do for my recipes from now on in case you want to keep tabs on that.

-1 cup of old fashioned quaker oats (Cassey didn’t specify what type of oats but I used this type and it was Amazayn (yes I am a Directioner))
-1 banana ( I used one medium ripe banana)
-1/4 cup of almond milk ( lucky for me I absolutely love almond milk so I had some handy to make this recipe, Cassey used 1/4 cup of sweetened original almond milk but I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk and since it was unsweetened I added 2 packs of truvia but if you don’t have it 2 teaspoons of brown sugar)
-1/4 cup eggs whites ( I personally didn’t measure I only used one egg whites)

1.Mash banana
2.Mix the rest of the ingredients in
4.Put in muffin tray (it only makes 4 servings so you only need to line 4 molds with parchment paper)
5.Bake in 350 degrees preheated oven for 15 minutes

Calories:114 per muffin (4 servings)

Okay so that was Casseys’s version and everything in parenthesis was my touch to it but also I added a few more treats. 🙂

I took two packs of truvia sweetener (2 teaspoons brown sugar will work fine too) and melted it over medium heat until syrupy to make a glaze for the muffins. I would have made a cream cheese frosting but I didn’t have any cream cheese. But to make it I would have melted 1 and 1/2 tablespoons of 1/3 less fat plain cream cheese with a little truvia and poured it over the muffins.

Also my mom loves zest so I got freshly zested lime to the top of her muffin. We also enjoyed this with some queso fresco which is part of our weekly grocery list with some coffee.

Well that’s all for today folks leave suggestions or comment a recipe you want made healthy.
Y’all come back now ya here. Until next time.











Happy Fourth of July Everyone!!

This is Hanna with Delicious2Nutritious! In my blog i plan on making healthy recipes for everyone to enjoy. I personally love herbs and spices, chicken and fish, and fruits and veggies. I enjoy cooking international foods considering I have a hispanic background so I love cooking typical healthy dishes from all corners of the world but I am a southern girl.

I am here right now though not to give you my life story but healthy recipes or foods for your own enjoyment.

So I will start off with my special Fourth of July breakfast.I made french toast, scrambled eggs, and coffee for my family and let me tell you they loved it

Okay to start off with the french toast i didn’t use white bread or any type of really processed breads for this I used a good multigrain bread from Target.I actually should list the ingredients before I tell you how to make it though so i am goign to do just that.

-4 slices of multigrain bread ( you don’t not have to use target as long as you get a good loaf)
-1 tablespoon of Brummel and Brown nonfat yogurt butter
– 1 and a half teaspoon of brown sugar (which is really nice because it isn’t really processed but if you are like me you can use truvia which is a 0 calorie all natural sweetener)
-1 teaspoon of of vanilla extract
-3 whisked eggs
-1 teaspoon cinnamon

Okay so first if it isn’t already obvious you whisk the eggs and pour them on a plate. Step 2 – you mix in the sugar vanilla extract and cinnamon. Next coat the slices of bread thoroughly and put them on a heated pan with the tablespoon of butter to cook. I personally do every recipe by looking out after the ingredients as I go but I do have a good estimation. Anyways because of the information I just told you it should be quite obvious that I cant tell you how long to cook each side but cook it on medium heat until each side is brown. They can be slightly blackened but only slightly if it is too black then assure you it is burnt.
This makes 3 serving sizes even though it is 4 slices I was making breakfast for my dad and he does quite a lot more than I do also I am going to post a picture of breakfast and the reason it does not look like multigrain bread is because it isn’t I took a picture of my dads plate and he doesn’t like multigrain so I made with a nice healthy tuscan bread.

Okay on to the eggs:
-1 tablespoon of extra vigin olive oil
-3 extra large eggs
– salt to taste
-pepper to taste
-I also added hatch chile cheddar cheese because i felt sneaky and also because I love cheese and I went to whole foods yesterday and my mom bought me a ton of yummy cheeses along with other healthy yet sneaky goodies but I will tell you about my loot later (you do not have to use cheese)

1. Whisk the eggs
2.Add salt and pepper I think i add more pepper than salt because ever since I was little my mom and I cooked with little salt
3. Pour the olive oil into a pan that is heated at medium heat
4. Pour eggs into the pan
5. Cook until taste I personally like eggs that are still slightly wet and juicy so I don’t cook them till they are dry.
This is also 3 servings.

This is definitely a fun delicious and nutritious recipe for home. Also if there is a recipe you love and just wish it was healthy comment and I will do my best for all the lovely readers!
Until next time.


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